Hyperbaric Chambers

Perry Sigma Hyperbaric Chamber - Ocala Wound CareSigma 40 Hyperbaric Chamber

“World’s Largest Internal Treatment Compartment and Length”

Continuing as the leader in the industry, Perry Baromedical is proud to introduce the SIGMA 40 monoplace hyperbaric chamber to its line of innovative products. This system has a 40.5″ Internal Diameter chamber, the largest in the industry, which significantly reduces the incidence of noncompliance due to claustrophobia as well as allowing the treatment of the bariatric population. While the internal diameter has increased, the new technology used to build the Sigma 40 has enabled Perry to decrease the weight of the chamber by 1,650 lbs. resulting in fewer limitations due to weight restrictions.

Download Sigma 40 Hyperbaric Chamber PDF Brochure